Learn more about JPTV Media Productions

Who are we?

  • JPTV Media is an award-winning production company that delivers high-end, quality short form and long form infomercials at budget-pleasing pricing.
  • JPTV has produced hundreds of infomercials that have generated MILLIONS in sales as well as provided for their successful transition to driving retail sales.

What we offer

  • With over 20 years of TV marketing experience we provide unique individual creativity to each production with hands on attention to every detail.
  • We utilize the services of the finest camera crews, studios, location homes, music houses and post-production experts.
  • We work with top talent agencies and have expert knowledge of celebrity endorsement acquisition and negotiations.
  • At the outset of each production we thoroughly research the category, demonstrate your product or service, develop its best target audience and create a compelling offer.
  • With Concise Scripting, Precise Visuals, Energizing Audio, State of the Art Technical Editing and Award Winning Animators, a JPTV production always delivers every component for DRTV SUCCESS for your product.


JPTV Media is able to help you execute every detail of your DRTV campaign. We have a network of strategic alliances of skilled professionals to ensure the best Media Placement…Telemarketing…End Tag Customization…Fulfillment…and Retail Distribution.

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